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BJ refurbishment offer full package architectural design services including architectural design and interior design. Our Architects are both skilled and qualified, and will be able to translate your ideas into beautiful and practical spaces while avoiding any negative impact on any fundamental parts of the property or building. 

Whether you require us to support you in helping you define the finished project, or if you would rather we simply formalize your ideas, we’re happy to work this way too. No matter how involved you want us to be, we’ll provide you with expert advice from beginning to end.

We understand and respect that each person has their own vision and ambitions for their property, so we’re very flexible in the way that we work. Our service by default includes support from a Structural Engineer, who will be able to validate any plans and make sure that they are both safe, sound and not in breach of any building regulations.

If you would like BJ refurbishment to work on your project with you, get in touch for a free no strings quote by giving us a call or filling out our form.


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